Rule your own background! Curug Bugbrug
Have you ever feel like you don’t know anything about your own background? I have. I have lived basically all my life in Bandung and Cimahi. And then I was asked by my mom to accompany her friend and her family who once lived on Bandung a long time ago. They asked to drive them to a waterfall they once visited when they lived in Bandung. The waterfall was located at Cimahi, so assumed it was Curug Cimahi.
But I was wrong, I turned out that curug cimahi wasn’t the waterfall they were looking for, they specifically told me that to get to the waterfall is by walking down a path surrounded by water crescent fields. So I was lost. After a while asking a man there we finally located the waterfall. 
The walk there was beautiful with green water crescent on both side of the path accompanied by the clear sound of a stream. 
The way home they decided to take a long way around hiking the cliff to atop the waterfall, there we could see the first path we took to get to the waterfall. Its really is an amazing view.
From this experience, it get me thinking what do I know about this country. I have been told that Indonesia has an abundance of natural resources, beautiful scenery with an amazingly diverse culture. But do we? How many and what resources that we have on our soil? Do we even own it? Do people still remember our traditional way, our dances, our childhood games? Well even a foreigner know the land better than I do. Rule your own background!